The AceFEM package is a general finite element environment designed to solve multi-physics and multi-field problems. The AceFEM package explores advantages of symbolic capabilities of Mathematica while maintaining numerical efficiency of commercial finite element environment. The package combines use of Mathematica’s facilities with external handling of intensive computations by compiled modules.


The main part of the package includes procedures that are not numerically intensive, such as processing of the user input data, mesh generation, control of the solution procedures, graphic post-processing of the results, etc.. Those procedures are written in Mathematica language and executed inside Mathematica. The numerical module includes numerically intensive operations, such as evaluation and assembly of the finite element quantities (tangent matrix, residual, sensitivity vectors, etc.), solution of the linear system of equations, contact search procedures, etc.. The numerical module exists as Mathematica package as well as external program written in C language and is connected with Mathematica via the MathLink protocol. This unique capability gives the user the opportunity to solve industrial large-scale problems with several 100000 unknowns and to use advanced capabilities of Mathematica such as high precision arithmetic, interval arithmetic, or even symbolic evaluation of FE quantities to analyze various properties of the numerical procedures on relatively small examples. The AceFEM package comes with a library of finite elements (solid, thermal, contact,... 2D, 3D,...) including full symbolic input for most of the elements. Additional elements can be accessed through the AceShare finite element file sharing system. The element oriented approach enables easy creation of costumized finite element based applications in Mathematica. In combination with the automatic code generation package AceGen the AceFEM package represents an ideal tool for a rapid development of new numerical models.


Unique features found in the product


Element oriented technology


NOTE: The complementary product AceGen is required for the generation of new finite elements. Without AceGen only the existing elements from the built-in or shared libraries can be used!




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