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When you have a problem that you think is caused by the bug in AceGen or AceFEM please do the following:

This will save a lot of precious time to you as well as to developers. Guessing from the partial input what the user actually did requires tedious detective work and a lot of e-mails. We quarantine that the reported notebook will be used solely for debugging purposes by developers and it will not be shared with third parties. After debugging, the reported notebook will be permanently deleted from the hard disc and all e-mails will be deleted.


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Installation problems

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Q: Why is AceFEM so slow?

A: Various reasons can considerably slow down numerical simulations:

    1) Some on-access virus scanners can considerably (100-times!) slow down the computation. Turn off on-access scanner.

    2) The AceFEM comes with various linear solvers (profile, sparse,..). The computational time can be greatly effected by the chosen linear solver.