Large scale simulations

Large scale optimisation

Damage of steel structures under
earthquake loading
(animation 4.4 MB)


Multi body deformable contact simulation, IPPT, (Snooker nimation 350KB,
Amoebas animation 5.5 MB,)


Two phase forging, IPPT, C3M

(animation 2.2 MB)

Solid-fluid interaction, C3M
(animation 481 KB)


Cyclic loading of axisymmetric rod, FGG, (animation 600KB)


Simulation of quasi-periodic
cold forging proces
, C3M
(animation 3.3MB)


Tunneling, C3M

Ironing of polymer-metal laminates, C3M



Structural analysis, FGG


The examples are presented with the kindly permission of the respected authors.

IPPT, J. Lengiewicz  and S. Stupkiewicz, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Warsaw, Poland;

C3M, T. Šuštar, P. Šuštarič, Center for Computational Continuum Mechanics, Ljubljana, Slovenia;

FGG, J. Korelc, P. Skuber, M. Gams, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.