The AceGen, AceFEM and AceShare packages are developed, supported and licensed by:                                                      


Jože Korelc
Ravnikova 4
SI-1000, Ljubljana



Phone : (+386) 14768627

Fax     : (+386) 14768629



Permanent license****

Annual rental license *****


of Licenses


AceFEM+AceGen+AceShare, Standard

1840 €

920 €



AceFEM+AceGen+AceShare, Academic, Single user

740 €

370 €




Site license for academic research group

or computer laboratory

1840 €

920 €



AceFEM+AceGen+AceShare , Student***

0 €

0 €




Tax** €



Total €



*       Installation files are available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

**     Price does not include tax accordingly to VAT reverse charge Article 44 of VAT Directive 2006/112/EC (VAT number is OBLIGATORY for EU countries).

***   A Student's License may only be used by full-time or otherwise eligible undergraduate student and may only be installed on the student's personally owned computer!

**** Permanent license includes free downloads of upgrades and support.

***** Annual rental license is valid for one year from the date of purchase and it should be renewed after that.


Please contact with the details of your order.

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User agrees with the licence agreement by downloading the product and installing it.


In addition, the programs can be purchased online through Wolfram Research, Inc. or Wolfram Research local representatives and resellers. License purchased through resellers is one time license, thus it does not include free upgrades and support!